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The James Brand was created in Portland, Oregon in 2012 by a group of designers and adventurers who were looking for something better. Based on the adage that if you can’t find what you want, you might have to make it yourself, we decided to put pen to paper and design something new: products made with premium materials, a minimalist design aesthetic, and clear attention to the details. We make knives and tools that are a better reflection of our values and lives. Modern, minimal everyday carry is what the James brand is all about.

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While providing UI/UX web design and development services for James brand, several challenges arose for the Kodehash team. Firstly, understanding the unique requirements and target audience of the brand is crucial to deliver a tailored user experience. Secondly, ensuring intuitive navigation and accessibility for customers, especially on mobile devices, can be demanding.

Furthermore, incorporating visually appealing product showcases while maintaining fast loading speeds posed a challenge. Lastly, integrating secure e-commerce functionalities and optimising the website for search engines to drive traffic and conversions requires careful planning and execution.

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