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Comptoir Liibanais’ main focus in creating a restaurant was to ensure the guests fall in love with the Middle East and its bold flavours and generous hospitality. The company’s dream is still to make Lebanese food as popular as Italian food. They believe the food of the Middle East is the best in the world, and that is what we serve in Comptoir Libanais every day to our guests.

This Lebanese restaurant chain has over 20 venues across the UK and in Europe. Founded by Tony Kitous in 2008, the superb Lebanese flavours of the food are accompanied by eclectic restaurant interiors full of colour and texture.

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When offering UI/UX web design and development services for Comptoir Libanais, a Lebanese restaurant, the Kodehash development team encounters aesthetic challenges. Understanding the restaurant’s unique brand identity and capturing the essence of Lebanese culture in the design is crucial. Balancing the aesthetics with the functionality required for online menus, reservation systems, and food-ordering platforms can be demanding.

Ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience across devices while accommodating multilingual and cultural considerations presents its own set of challenges for Kodehash. However, our dedicated team is committed to overcoming these hurdles and delivering exceptional design solutions that showcase the authentic flavours of Comptoir Libanais.

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