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This new age of commercial real estate, in the ‘new normal’ world, has brought in woke and efficient workspaces.Club 125 is based on the hotelisation of workplace - an integration of luxury, energy efficiency, and convenience - all to encourage the employees to break the rut of work-from-home and get back to offices. With a dynamic and energetic workforce, Club 125 seeks to make you at home while you diligently pursue your profession.

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    UI/UX Web Design & Development

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    Social Media Creatives

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    Logo Design

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Kodehash services for Club 125 include UI/UX web design and development services, digital marketing and campaigns, as well as logo/graphic/print design services. During our services, the challenges our team faced are: Understanding the unique requirements of the real estate industry and effectively communicating property offerings and benefits through design and marketing materials can be demanding. Balancing aesthetics with the functional aspects of showcasing available spaces and their features poses its own set of challenges..

Creating impactful digital marketing campaigns that reach the target audience and designing logos and graphics that represent the essence of Club 125 requires careful consideration. However, our dedicated team is committed to overcoming these hurdles and delivering exceptional design and marketing solutions that enhance the brand and attract potential clients.

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