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The cloud computing market is expected to have grown from approximately 370 billion dollars in 2020 to approximately 830 billion dollars by 2025, according to current projections. Amazon, Google, Deloitte, IBM, and other Fortune 500 corporations are among those employing cloud workers globally. 

The Times of India and the Economic Times estimate that by 2025, India alone will require over 1 million qualified cloud experts.

If you're looking to hire a cloud developer in UAE this blog is for you. Get through the tips to hire cloud engineer in UAE for your firm.

What is Cloud Development?

The total procedure for creating a cloud architecture through planning, categorization, and design is known as cloud development. This will also aid in the structuring and implementation of the IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS cloud delivery models.

Additionally, managing the cloud service delivery models involves managing network bandwidth, strategizing and creating recovery plans for times when the cloud service fails, and connecting the data centers of external providers back to your organization's network. AWS-certified DevOps engineers in UAE are the best to reach every detail of your business in terms of technicalities.

What is a Cloud Developer?

Developers are generally experts who construct and create helpful websites, programs, applications, etc. from scratch or with the aid of templates and predefined resources. A skilled cloud developer makes computer programs and software.

Cloud professionals can utilize the same software and tools that other IT developers use to create these. However, these professionals use a cloud-based platform to access their resources. This is what is more important to keep in mind when you hire cloud developer in UAE.

The primary duties of these experts are setting up and managing the cloud infrastructure of their companies. Their main responsibility is to design, develop, analyze, and maintain the cloud systems for the businesses.

Are all businesses vying for the unicorn-like ideal developer?

Finding developers with a variety of skills is difficult (Even harder to retain). Every business is vying for a small pool of highly sought-after knowledge. But is having a solid technical background the only characteristic that distinguishes a successful developer?

A person with more technical expertise is the only one qualified to evaluate this profile when it comes to interviewing a developer because it is often thought of as a TECHNICAL job. But isn't hiring devs purely technical? Is that the only angle from which you ought to evaluate the ideal applicant?

What to Look for While You Hire Cloud Developer in UAE

From the standpoint of a layperson, this might be sufficient, but from a larger, organizational perspective, there are a number of tricks one should know that go above and beyond the responsibilities of a developer. The top 5 characteristics of an ideal developer are listed below.


The relevance of prior experience cannot be overstated. An overview of the developer's exposure is provided by the number of projects he has completed, the clients he has worked with, and the technologies with which he has firsthand expertise.

The breadth of the experience matters just as much as its length. We should assess his problem-solving skills along with his technical expertise. (Remember that these are 2 separate traits.)

Beyond Development

A developer must work on a project and contribute to one technology or another because they are a part of an organization. Checking "IS THAT HIS REAL INCLINATION" is necessary. Based on what he contributes beyond development, this can be evaluated. A few places where a person's preferences can be assessed are blogs, online question-and-answer forums, and conferences.

One of the factors could be which famous people's blogs are currently having an impact on the development world, and whether or not he follows any of them. 


Every company would like to evaluate their employees on this factor, but it is challenging to assess in the brief time of an interview. The interviewer may employ probing methods in this situation.

Which cases did the developer find to be the most challenging? Did he have to stay up late to come up with a fix? A few examples from real life can help determine how far an individual was willing to go to solve a problem.

A perspective on Testing

The majority of cloud developers DO NOT TEST. They either take a passive approach or are hesitant to build unit tests for their code in advance. You can get an indication of how much time they have spent trying to foresee bugs by asking them to write some example test cases.

"More than testing itself, designing tests is one of the most effective known methods for preventing bugs.

Before they are coded, defects can be found and removed with the right planning, according to Boris Beizer (Ph.D. Computer Science, University of Pennsylvania, Software Testing expert). So keep this in mind before you hire cloud developer in UAE that they should be able to work with the defects.

People who are able to write TEST CASES in advance are able to anticipate how their product will work. Thinking and invention are traits that include visualization. There is a good chance that someone like that would come up with newer, alternative ways to solve a given problem.

Soft Skills

Although soft skills are fundamental and necessary for any applicant hoping to join an organization, the level of these skills differs from person to person. One crucial component of soft skills is listening while you hire cloud developer in UAE. Understanding customer requirements requires probing and listening to the consumer to make sense of his hazy ideas.

Developers who work alone or as "one man shows" typically lack soft skills. Even while they might make up for what they lack in social skills in code, it is harmful in the long run. A lack of soft skills is comparable to bad leadership. The ability to communicate is the fundamental component of a leader.


It would be cruel to aim for a candidate that excels on all fronts. Projects must evaluate their immediate needs and be prepared to give up a few characteristics. You can also mold your Ideal Developer for you by gradually developing developers in the areas where they appear to lag behind. Hire cloud developer in UAE with expertise after reading these concepts. 

Kodehash employs the best talent available, which is versatile across a variety of platforms and proficient not just in a particular domain. On a number of platforms, we are acknowledged as a top website development company. In addition to the aforementioned traits, we train our developers in problem-solving strategies and open communication with our clients. Hire develops developer in UAE with confidence.

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