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Do you know why Angular is so popular today? Angular is leading among different app development solutions due to its flexibility and user-friendliness. This Google product of coding framework is known for its solid favourable reputation, advanced scalability, easy testing, and quick, painless knowledge of the framework. 

This is the reason many companies want to hire angular developers in India. Angular helps clients to meet more declarative templates, end-to-end tooling, robust web and mobile development products etc. 

Step-By-Step Guide On How to Hire Angular Developers in India

This Kodehash blog outlines a step-by-step guide to his angular developers in India. Before we jump onto the ultimate guide, let's have a look at what angular is all about. 

What is Angular?

This is a web app development open-source platform using TypeScript programming. It's a feature-based framework for creating scalable web applications. Angular has a collection of well-integrated libraries that cover a comprehensive variety of features like routing, client-server communication, forms management etc. It is the best framework with designer tools that help developers to build, test, and update the code. 

Check out the Angular Versions Enhancements 

     1.Angular JS

In 2010, the basic version of Angular was introduced. Developers convert their HTML documents into dynamic projects with this. This version helps in creating vivid designs for innovative and elementary web page designs. 

      2. Angular 2

The previous version has undergone major changes, and this one was released with Typescript support. Its component-based architecture and a built-in compiler.

      3. Angular 4

The JavaScript code created from the HTML and TypeScript in Angular 4 was compressed thanks to a faster compiler.

The additional animation presentation in a different package deal helps in eliminating excess code from the manufacturing unit. Those steps made the framework smaller and faster.

     4. Angular 5

This version of Angular facilitated the building for the creation of web applications and also introduced CLI Workspaces to manage multiple Angular projects. 

     5. Angular 7

The CLI used to be more powerful and had prompts for defining the characteristics and purposes of items. A more user-friendly CLI platform was added for Angular 7.

     6. Angular 8

A preview of Ivy, a new technology renderer designed to replace the outdated View Engine runtime and compiler, was included with the release of Angular 8. Ivy's main goals were to speed up app performance and reduce bundle size.

     7. Angular 9

In Angular 9, Ivy received a full charge and was made the default compiler for all applications.

     8. Angular 10

Instead of new functionality, Angular 10 offers improvements to overall performance and user pleasure.

     9. Angular 11

Testing Angular Material components is made easier by the Angular 11 model. The digitalization of inlining fonts in the Angular version is another ninth-model innovation that has been heavily promoted. The project uses CLI downloads and Angular inline fonts during the collection phase.

    10. Angular 12

With Angular 12, developers will have more control over the project and will be able to get rid of legacy components. This propensity carried over to the next iteration.

   11. Angular 13

Before 12.20.0, support for View Engine (the original Angular renderer), Internet Explorer 11, and Node.js versions were discontinued. Additionally, it made room for developing, dynamic elements.

   12. Angular 14

Strictly Typed Forms, a long-awaited feature of Angular 14, is available in version 14, which is an upgrade to earlier Angular versions. Many engineers refer to it as the biggest advancement in perspective of the Ivy renderer introduction. 

What Is The Difference Between Angular And AngularJS?

The basic distinction between AngularJS and Angular is that AngularJS support JavaScript, whereas Angular supports TypeScript. Both the front-end and open-source frameworks possess similar elements employed to build dynamic web applications and SPAs. 

What Are The App Types Angular Can Build?

When you are planning to hire angular developers in India, you must be aware of all apps that you are able to create with angular. 

Popular Apps You Can Develop Using Angular

  • Single-Page Applications

Single-page applications are created to make it simple for website users to use them. For website users, the standard multi-page applications complicate the experience.

Visitors, therefore, require assistance to have a satisfying experience when perusing websites linked to multi-page apps. Due to the great routing and data management capabilities of Angular, developers started using it to create single-page applications.

  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

The advantages of a progressive web application are quick loading times, responsiveness, and offline use. A progressive web application is typically a hybrid application, allowing users to access and use it from both desktop and mobile devices.

Furthermore, progressive web apps can deliver a native application look and feel.

  •  Enterprise Web Applications

The platform of choice for creating enterprise web applications in Angular. Using the Angular framework enables developers to create scalable enterprise online apps. High-end security, reusable components, and unified architecture are all features of this open-source platform.

  • Mobile Applications

A well-known platform for creating all kinds of mobile applications is Angular. However, according to studies, the Angular framework is mostly used by the news media, retail, banking, and eCommerce sectors to create mobile applications for their respective companies.

In many cases, developers combine  NativeScript and Angular to build mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. For faster development developers prefer Angular whereas, for cost efficacy in development, companies are preferring frameworks.  

  • Server-Side Rendered Applications

Hassle-free loading process, collection of innovative user information, and renting the server application are the developer's tasks to meet clientele needs. Angular includes a pre-rendering option that streamlines the creation of server-side rendered applications.

  • eCommerce and mCommerce Apps

 eCommerce websites are mostly created out of AngularJS. The framework has many capabilities that allow programmers to create an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing eCommerce or mCommerce application.

How to Hire Angular Developers in India: Top Skills to Look For

It's important to carefully assess a project's ability to integrate Angular with other technologies when evaluating its success. It's also crucial to consider the developer's capacity for efficient resource management and code writing. Following are some skills that you need to consider to hire angular developers in India:

  • CLI & JavaScript Experts 

Command Line Interface is the first Angular package developers need to install with Node Package Manager. NPM helps in installing Angular with important web development packages. The CLI makes the process easier and assures your app follows established best practices. 

On the other hand, JavaScript is a vital tool for an Angular developer. HTML and CSS are used to design the user interface or display of the page, whereas JavaScript is used to implement the functionality. 

  • Debugging And Testing Fluency 

Testing and debugging are the skills you must look for when you are going to hire angular developers in India. The functional test ensures the product meets the development document's criteria and specifications. An Angular developer's resume should display the testing frameworks such as Karma, Jasmine, Mocha, Protractor etc. 

  • TypeScript-versed

Though JavaScript is most extensively used as an online programming language, TypeScript is a new object-oriented programming language that provides a more manageable framework for projects. 

  • Able To Choose The Right Stack 

Angular developers should be aware of the back-end frameworks too. When you are looking for backend-front-end development then Node.js and Angular are the most popular combinations. Node.js provides full compatibility with TypeScript NPM and helps deliver better scaffolding with Angular CLI. 

  • Expert In JavaScript Built Tools 

For the convenience of the users, the app's developers must manage dependencies, produce packages, automate tasks, optimise pictures, and invalidate caches. These things must be updated frequently, which can be time-consuming and error-prone. The effectiveness of automating repeated processes will be provided by the tools to develop a JavaScript base. Grunt, Webpack, and Gulp are some of the best JavaScript-based build tools those developers mostly use. 

  • Version Control Knowledge

Version control systems have several benefits. One of the most significant is that it makes the development process simpler. Additionally, it is considerably simpler to manage code, which keeps everyone informed. And the best aspect is that to prevent mistakes, new team members can review older code. Git Workflow, one of the best version control systems available, uses DevOps techniques.

  • Understanding of RESTful API 

Because POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE requests can be used to access a RESTful API, your Angular developers need to be familiar with the API. Additionally, they should be able to read the documentation, use it effectively, and understand how to set up routing paths.

  • Responsive Design 

As the digital age develops, more devices, such as laptops and desktop computers, are now using the Internet. Due to this the essential design of web applications that function on a range of gadgets, such as tablets, smartphones, watches, and more. A solid understanding of responsive web development has become a skill requirement for modern front-end engineers.

How To Hire Angular Developers In India?

Here is the list prepared by Kodehash to find the best fit for your project with the necessary qualifications. 

1. Project Description Preparation

Finding the ideal match for your project is only possible with a precise project description. You can employ dedicated angular developers for your project once you understand the needs. 

At the same time, job prospects are given a checklist to evaluate if they have the requisite expertise to participate in your project and if it is something they are interested in.

2. Pick a Good Hiring Strategy

While you are planning to hire angular developers in India, there are several options you need to list out such as the project’s budget, the project length, and either full-time or part-time developers as per your project needs. 

There are a few options, including hiring independently, outsourcing, outstaffing, and employing with a vendor's help. Discover Kodehash's thorough guide on the various forms of IT outsourcing. The best hiring decision can be made by first analysing the requirements of your project and estimating the time required to produce them.

3. Assess the Demand for Development Staffing

Estimates of the workload your project will demand might help you figure out how many software engineers you’ll need to complete it.

For instance, your project may take six months to complete when you hire 2 angular developers in India, but if you hire 3-4 individuals, within 3 months your product will be ready. Furthermore, keep in mind that a front-end developer will not work on the back end of your project.

Search for full-stack programmers who can manage every aspect of the development plan, or be ready to hire front-end and back-end programmers.

4. Compile a List of Applicant Requirements

It is impossible to hire angular developers in India for the AngularJS developer of your desires if you are unaware of their abilities. To identify the candidate your project needs, you should compile a thorough list of the essential and supplementary abilities you're looking for in an Angular developer.

5. Follow a Proper Hiring Approach

Determine whether you will conduct the hiring process on your own or take help from an outsourcing vendor. Employing independently is best for businesses that aren't in a haste. Hiring through a vendor reduces the time and effort spent looking through CV databases, scanning for pertinent variations, getting in touch with applicants to set up interviews, and eliminating the finest engineers.

Furthermore, some websites are free while others require a price, so comparison-shop to discover a reliable platform with useful resumes.

6. Conduct Job Interviews

The next step for the interview is to list those candidates who have made it past the first round of interviews. A face-to-face meeting or an online interview is necessary to get to know someone before hiring them. This enables the business to evaluate its competency and put to the test some crucial hard and soft skills.

7. Employ A Qualified Team Member

Finally, the recruitment process will end with hiring the best candidate after interviews and practical testing. It entails some administrative effort, such as completing a contract, officially enrolling the new employee in your company’s workforce, preparing all tax and payroll papers, and so on.

Why Should You Hire Angular Developers In India From Kodehash?

The in-house team of Angular developers at Kodehash not only efficiently work to meet your project deadlines but also add their best creative inputs. We specialise in scaling up your development team. Whether it is a user-friendly web or mobile application or an improvement in the performance or speed of your app, the expert developers will deliver robust and rapid results. 

Kodehash develops scalable, intelligent, creative solutions for across-the-world clients. We provide knowledge of cutting-edge platforms including Angular, React Native, iOS, and Android. Since the success of our clients is the focus of our business, we recognise the value of developing a dependable team and a supportive culture. We can help you accomplish your goals because we have more than ten years of experience developing web, voice, and mobile apps. Reach out to us right away!

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