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Android marks at the top among the whole app development market. The android market OS has reached the stats of 87.4% as per recent research. In other terms, you can reach more customers through the android app. 

Are you too looking to hire android developers in UAE?

Revenue from mobile apps as a whole hit $462 billion globally in 2019 and is expected to reach $936 billion by 2023. Doesn't that sound impressive? But not every app will succeed and bring in money. Because there are too many apps available, they are pricey, and so on, only 1 out of 10K mobile apps survive.

If you hire android app developers in UAE it will enable you to build a popular app that stands out from the competition and makes a nice profit. For your app development project in 2022, check out our guide on how to locate and hire an Android developer.

Crucial Things to Know Before You Hire Android Developers in UAE

The creation of mobile applications necessitates a particular set of skills, knowledge, and experience. App developers should be knowledgeable about business needs in addition to being technically adept in order to create an app that makes money by addressing specific business needs.

The following is a list of crucial developer competencies you should look for when selecting hire android programmer in UAE for your app project:

1. Knowledge of programming languages

Two of the most popular programming languages for creating Android applications are Java and Kotlin. The fundamental ideas behind these two programming languages, including as their syntax and fundamentals, frameworks, multithreading and concurrency, functional programming, and generics, must be understood by developers.

2. Android SDK or Software Development Kit

This is a pre-packaged collection of code that makes it easier and faster to create Android mobile applications. All Android developers must have access to Android SDKs. Consider the scenario where you must integrate your app with Facebook. In order to expedite the development process, your developers will need to use a Facebook SDK.

3. Knowledge of Android Studio

An indispensable IDE (Integrated Development Environment), Android Studio supports a wide range of Android SDKs.

4. APIs

APIs. Applications can link with any third-party services or apps using APIs. For instance, you can utilise Google APIs to find your users, assist them in finding nearby locations to go, or make a map reference in your app.

5. Use of databases

Your app has to communicate with a database located outside of the smartphone because it handles a lot of data. These days, Firebase is the preferred cloud storage and device accessibility solution for app developers. If users require the ability to use the app offline, developers should be familiar with working with an SQLite database.

6. Basics of Material Design

Unlike Apple, Google didn't initially keep all of its apps' designs uniform. Google has unveiled a set of design principles referred to as Material Design. It serves as the basis for UI/UX design.

7. Understanding of business processes and SDLC

Developers must comprehend the reasoning behind your corporate decisions. They will be better able to identify key features, organise the development process, and deliver a mobile app solution that completely satisfies business needs.

Which technology stack ought to be used for an Android application?

The development approach must include a proper stack of mobile technologies. Additionally, there may be lengthy and occasionally quite acrimonious debates about which methodology, technology, or framework is best for your project when it comes to developing Android apps.

You need to be aware of the features, upcoming features, and other factors before deciding which tech stack to utilise for Android app development. You must also choose between a native app and a cross-platform app solution.

The cost of your Android app is significantly influenced by the complexity, amount of features, and design of the app, but in most situations, it is unaffected by the programming language you use.

You need to decide what abilities and expertise your developers should have before you start looking for Android developers. To discover the ideal candidates for your project, you must present a thorough job description.

The term "tech stack" refers to a collection of specifications, technologies, and needs. The creation of a top-notch mobile application for Android consumers is possible with the correct tools and prerequisites. For the vast majority of business owners, selecting the appropriate tech stack is difficult.

Before beginning your app development project, consider the following development factors:

1. Think about your needs and the demands of your business

The type of software (native, cross-platform, or hybrid), data UAEge, and hardware access are important factors to take into account. The language and framework for your app will be reduced based on the following factors.

2. Determine the primary goal of your app and select a revenue strategy

Are you creating an app to help your company? Or are you going to provide specific solutions for your users' issues? For instance, you should pay attention to that in your functionality and appearance if you provide subscription plans. You should concentrate on the app's functionality if advertising generates the majority of revenue.

3. Decide on the collaboration type

You can build your mobile application in a number of ways. You have the option of using freelancers, internal developers, or outside app development companies.

4. Consider app security

You'll want your app to be impenetrable by taking care of any security issues, etc., if it requires access to personal information.

5. Include integration and compatibility details

Consider what third-party integration you might require before beginning your app development process. The tech stack you choose may also be influenced by an existing website or backend system that you need to interface with your app.

Android app creation with Java

One of the first programming languages was Java. It was introduced in May 1995 and is still in use today. The Java Development Kit, Java Runtime Environment, and Integrated Development Environment are all included.

The most popular programming language for creating enterprise apps is now Java. Numerous web applications, government applications, and big data technologies like Hadoop and Apache Storm are being developed using it. Java has no competitors when it comes to complex app development projects and developing technologies.

Kotlin for Android Development

The new open-source Android language Kotlin has Google's full support. The nicest thing is that developers who transition from Java to Kotlin won't have to rebuild their entire project.

Although Kotlin originally surfaced in 2011, it took over 5 years before it was made publicly available. It is undoubtedly Java's rival when it comes to the creation of Android apps. But it's also employed by Python, Swift, and JS programmers.

The most recent data from JetBrains claims that bigger businesses favor hiring Kotlin developers to create Android apps. Famous apps like Uber, Evernote, Pinterest, and others were created using the Kotlin programming language.

Find and hire an android programmer in UAE

Not everyone possesses the technical know-how necessary to create, assemble, and debug Android applications. Usually, to do that, you'll need to engage a professional developer. For business owners, finding and recruiting developers could be a major difficulty.

The following advice will help you hire an android programmer in UAE for your project:

Step 1 - A technical description of your project should be written

A single file should contain all of the tasks and business needs. You can easily share the file with app developers while searching for them.

Step 2 - Select the most appropriate model.

There are various options on how to develop your app. Mobile app development services can be outsourced or you can recruit an internal team. The most expensive option to develop your app is to hire in-house developers.

The majority of business owners choose to outsource because of this. You may access a larger talent pool of developers through outsourcing, which also enables you to create your app more quickly and affordably.

Step 3 - Conducting technical interviews

You should conduct technical interviews, analyze portfolios, and shortlist your outsourcing partners and developers after doing so. The most effective method for assessing a potential outsourcing partner is occasionally client feedback.

Step 4 - Sign the contract to complete the transaction.

Discuss every aspect of your app development project, establish deadlines, decide on the frequency and format of your daily or weekly meetings, and request preliminary project estimates. Don't forget to talk about security concerns and sign NDAs.

You can hire a full development team (with a PM) or more developers to your current in-house team when you outsource app development services to DOIT Software. We never run out of Android programmers, designers, QA engineers, or project managers.

Due to our considerably quicker local recruitment cycle, if your project requires more developers than we currently have, we will rapidly locate and hire additional developers.


You've now mastered the art of hiring Android developers to create your very own Android app! Now that you are aware of how apps are made, you can compare Java and Kotlin. Good luck to hire android developers in UAE for your business.

At Kodehash, we’re combining the latest technologies and ideas to build top-notch software products from square one. Do you have additional questions about Android app development?

Contact us, and we’ll do whatever it takes to help you build an app solution for your business from scratch.


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