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Mobile apps have become an integral part of our daily lives, and their importance has only increased over time. In recent years, custom mobile app development has seen a significant surge, and the trend is set to continue in 2023. 

As technology evolves, so do the trends in app development, which makes it a business's priority to shift its focus on the top custom mobile app development for 2023.

Top custom mobile app development trends to watch out for in 2023

1. A stronger emphasis on UX/UI

Given the small size of mobile screens, a clean and basic design is always appropriate. The preference for simple, minimalist UI among smartphone users has been more pronounced in recent years. Content is easier to read and understand because of this design. User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are now more important than ever in the realm of mobile app development. 


Due to the fact that consumers now utilise their mobile devices for purposes other than merely making and receiving calls and emails. They use them for a variety of things, including shopping, banking, entertainment, and more. Developers of mobile apps must make sure their programmes are both aesthetically pleasing and simple to use.

2. Additional apps with a camera focus

Let's think about the upcoming mobile app trend in the custom software development domain,

The widespread work-from-home trend received a boost during the coronavirus outbreak. People make video calls far more frequently now than they did in the past. Even the original Skype has seen rapid growth, as have Zoom and Google Meet. The popularity of video-based social programmes like Facebook Watch and YouTube is also soaring.

The custom android development and iOS development trend for video is also widely used on social media. Instagram, for instance, has a feature for video calling. Mobile apps that enable video broadcasting, entertainment, and social networking are in high demand.

In fact, according to Statista, by 2026, the videoconferencing industry is anticipated to grow to 27.3 billion US dollars, which can be leveraged to ride the wave of software development services right now.

3. The evolution of augmented reality and virtual reality

The physical and digital worlds are connected by augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). The use of virtual reality technology drastically alters our surroundings. You should select the appropriate VR gear if you want a fantastic virtual reality experience.

Samsung Gear VR, LG 360 VR, and other possibilities are some ways to learn about virtual reality using speciality devices and mobiles. These devices' ability to help us with daily tasks is significantly increased by augmented reality and includes looking for things to buy, gathering knowledge, and expressing yourself. Typically, AR and VR are used in smartphone apps to entice users to test out: paint colours, furniture, clothes, hair colours and styles, eyeglasses, and makeup.

So much is the popularity of the global VR and AR market that is expected to grow by $250 billion US dollars in 2028, according to Statista research. 

4. 5G innovation

Simply put, 5G replaces 4G as the global wireless standard. Establishing a cutting-edge network type is possible with 5G. More users, devices, and services are supported, and data is delivered more quickly. All of these procedures are more effective with 5G.

But, what does the rise of 5G entail for the creation of custom app development and applications? The way we develop and use applications will change with 5G, including a boost in efficiency and speed amongst others as listed below:

5G is expected to be up to a hundred times faster than 4G.

Video streaming apps will advance with lower latency, greater quality, and quicker speed.

The 4G technology's maximum latency of 50 milliseconds will be reduced to 1 millisecond.

Further potential for AR and VR will be presented by 5G. For instance, it will be easier to integrate them into the programme.

Data transfers between devices will go more quickly and smoothly.

5. Innovative apps

The next trend in mobile app development is a super app. A super app is a single, sizable application that incorporates several smaller ones. They could be services or little apps that will include delivery, shopping, financial, entertainment, and other services. With the help of a great application, the user will access a mobile bank, insurance, utility billing, and ticketing all in one place. 

Many data points about ourselves and our daily lives are produced by mobile apps. Therefore, protecting mobile apps from this data is crucial. 


Cyber attackers frequently target mobile applications which may affect customers or the company itself. For instance, if malware is used to target a mobile device, then they can be a victim of stolen login information, identity theft, credit card information stolen, and unauthorised access to business networks. This can compromise personal information even from the most cutting-edge systems. 

To drive the security posture of individuals and businesses, the following strategies will take the centre stage-

  • ID verification

Identity verification stops online thieves from collecting users' personal information. A trustworthy verification procedure confirms the users' identity which acts as a shield against the attack from fraudsters.

  • Two-factor authentication

Account hacking is a widespread problem, and passwords quickly lapse. Your account is frequently not secure if the only security measure is a password. As a result, it is simple for hackers to access sensitive data. Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of account security. This strategy involves entering a one-time code in addition to a password which is delivered via mail or phone. When adopted, this security feature alerts the user if someone tries to access their account.

6. Voice search

Voice technology has completely dominated the market. It should come as no surprise that this will be one of the most common trends in mobile application development in the near future. By 2026, it is expected that the global voice recognition industry would grow to $27.16 billion US.

When voice technology is used, a gadget may hear and understand spoken instructions. The speech recognition trend, to put it simply, enables voice commands. These commands facilitate device management and internet search functionality. Finance and banking companies now have voice technologies integrated into their systems and with personal voice assistants, users can now perform payment transactions. Users can utilise voice commands to carry out banking operations. Customers can even shop and transfer money just by mentioning the name of a person or business in this way that has transformed the custom mobile app development vertical.

How Kodehash leverages the custom mobile app development trends to cater to the disrupting demands

By staying up to date with the latest technologies, focusing on the user experience, providing personalised solutions, offering continuous support, and keeping up with industry trends, Kodehash, one of the best custom software development companies offer innovative and disruptive solutions that meet the evolving demands of our clients. We have been agile and adaptable in the transforming digital landscape, continuously evolving our strategies and practices to keep up with the latest trends and industry developments. By doing so, we not only cater to the current demands of their clients but also anticipate and prepare for future disruptions in the market.

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