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Day by day increasing Chat GPT  popularity may be creating chaos among writers. But is this AI platform really a warning for the writers? If you are looking for a practical answer then No, it is not a danger for writers. Instead of danger, we can say it is a great support tool for writers. It makes many things easy for companies and writers. 

Chat GPT is an advanced chat box that was launched by OpenAI in November of 2022. Essentially, you can type almost anything into the chat and a response will be instantly provided. You can even copy and paste your own essays into the chat, and AI will edit them for you. With this tool’s seemingly limitless possibilities, it has rapidly been gaining popularity over the last couple of months.

No wonder AI Chat GPT can write a blog without a human touch. This cutting-edge language generation technology has the ability to produce written content that is virtually indistinguishable from written by a human. 

How Exactly Does This AI Work?

The technology is based on a neural network known as a Transformer, which has been trained on a massive dataset of text from the internet. By analyzing patterns and structures in this data, the network is able to generate new text that is coherent, fluent, and often quite similar to human-written text.  

In simple language, we can say Chat GPT has the ability to understand and respond to context, and is well-suited for writing in a conversational style. 

We At Kodehash 

When we ask Chat GPT to write a sales copy, It took a few seconds to prepare the sales copy and it becomes difficult for us to distinguish whether it is a text written by an AI or human. This technology is quite interesting. Starting from automated content creation to more natural interactions with chatbots and virtual assistants, everything seems easy. However, we can affirmatively say, Chat GPT is not a substitute for human, it can assist a human. Because creativity plays a powerful role here, which cannot be generated by an AI till now. In the future, we will likely see more and more content produced by language generation technology like AI Chat GPT, but it is not easy to replace the human touch that makes written work truly unique. 

Is Chat GPT Effective For Blogging?

Blogging is not only about writing, it's also about building a relationship with your audience, providing valuable information, and fostering a sense of community. A tool like ChatGPT cannot replicate the personal connections and community-building aspects of blogging.

In summary, the genuine writer should not be afraid of AI ChatGPT, as it is just a tool that can assist in the content creation process, but it can't replace the unique voice, perspective and personal experience of a human writer.

As a reference guide, you can use Chat GPT - But you need to rework the paragraphs by heart.

Now, what do you think? Is it human-generated content or written by chat GPT? Comment below. 


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